Empowering Excellence in Construction

Our commitment to fostering growth, diversity, and innovation in the construction industry.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Discover how OBCA empowers Black contractors and promotes diversity in the construction industry.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to serving as a voice for Black Contractors in Ontario, advocating for underrepresented groups and addressing the needs of African Canadians in the construction industry.
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Building Communities
We believe in the power of economic development and business growth in the black community, working towards creating opportunities and advancing Ontario Black contractors.
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Professional Development
We provide valuable programs, services, and industry insights tailored to the needs of Black contractors, supporting their growth and success in the construction landscape.
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At the Ontario Black Contractors Association (OBCA), we are driven by a vision of empowering excellence in the construction industry. With a focus on inclusivity, we champion the rights and interests of Black contractors in Ontario and address the challenges faced by underrepresented groups, particularly African Canadians.

Our mission is to serve as a unified voice, advocating for fair contracting opportunities and providing leadership at the provincial and national levels. Through professional development initiatives, educational training, and networking opportunities, we equip our members to compete and succeed in the Canadian construction landscape.

Our partnerships with public agencies, private corporations, and political allies strengthen our collective impact and promote positive change. Together, we are shaping the future of the construction industry, building thriving communities, and creating opportunities for all.

Our Values
Integrity, inclusivity, and professionalism guide everything we do, fostering a culture of respect, collaboration, and excellence within our association and the industry.
Advocacy and Influence
We leverage our position to advocate for equal opportunities, fair contracting practices, and positive policy changes that benefit Black contractors and the construction community as a whole.
Membership and Collaboration
Joining OBCA grants access to valuable membership benefits, networking opportunities, resources, and industry insights. We collaborate with industry stakeholders to promote diversity and inclusion.

Knowledge Sharing

We foster a culture of continuous learning and knowledge exchange, providing our members with access to educational training, workshops, and mentoring programs.

Building Relationships

We believe in the power of building strong relationships. Through networking events, mixers, and industry gatherings, we facilitate connections that foster growth and collaboration.

Driving Innovation

In an ever-evolving industry, we embrace innovation and support our members in adopting new technologies, processes, and sustainable practices for the future of construction.

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